“You should never start a company with the goal of getting rich. Your goal should be making something you believe in and making a company that will last.”
Steve Jobs

AMARI Marketing and Communications was formed with a focus on being a marketing partner to businesses in their pursuit for entrepreneurial success. Our main priority is ensuring that our clients have the most competitive advantage and exposure in the array of industries that they specialize in to ensure the greatest return on investment while building lasting impressions and relations with their consumers. We aim to be the back bone that encourages the great efforts that are made to create innovative products and services.

“The greatest determinant of greatness is going to be our ability to collaborate with others who have pieces of the puzzle we don’t.” Jay Abraham.

AMARI Marketing and Communications PTY (LTD) aims to deliver customized marketing and communications through customized marketing and communication strategies that are creative, executable and impactful.
AMARI Marketing and Communications is an inspired and “Out of the box” ground-breaking company that has a 360degree view on the strategies for our clients. From Branding to Promoter training and management; we ensure the success of all our campaigns to build a strong base for our clients’ services and products. We view ourselves as a partner to high quality and innovative clients that are as eager to thrive as we are. We aim to be the catalyst that supports our clients to build lasting impressions with their consumers in unique and relevant ways.
Accountability in exceeding our clients expectations

Maintain standards grounded in quality and innovation

Advise clients on Best In Class marketing practices

Respect and humility is our central code of conduct

Inspire new ideas that are sustainable and profitable
  • Provide quality deliverables
  • Ensure high Return On Investment for our clients
  • Construct sustainable growth
  • Uplift the community
  • Create employment opportunities


Dimakatso Moloantoa is a Marketer by profession and by passion. She was born in the dusty streets of Standerton in Mpumalanga and completed her schooling in Pretoria Gauteng.

She has a Bcom degree in Marketing Management from the University of Pretoria (TUKS) and a BPhil(Hons) from the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM).

Dimakatso Started her career as a Key Accounts Executive at an FMCG global leader in Marketing. Through her experience there she got experience in Forecasting, relationship management, media relations, project management and Public Relations. This young and vibrant environment allowed Dimakatso to explore different areas of expertise in her general field of choice. She mainly worked in the collaborative Sales, Marketing and Business Development environments. Very soon it was very clear that Marketing was the perfect fit for her personality, creativity and need for career development.

Dimakatso then explored marketing further by moving to an electronics company, a household name for innovative technology and health care solutions. She started her career there as Junior Marketing Manage in which she launched and leveraged global best practice by localizing them for the Southern Africa region.

Dimakatso then registered her own Company- AMARI Marketing and Communications PTY (LTD).
Dimakatso is a novice singer in a band and enjoys travelling, reading and meeting new people. She is an older sister to two boys, a godmother to 2 and the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman.