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As we are celebrating Youth Month the focus falls on the younger women in the workplace.  Whilst we need stability in our business and therefore usually depend on the more senior women, we should not forget that the younger groups bring specific qualities that can have a huge impact in the business.  But let me first explain the generations. Baby Boomers (born from 1946 -1964) are driven, they treasure stability…

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Marketing during the #SALockdown

Getting the attention of consumers during normal times was already a challenge, and now with the #SALockDown, there is obvious additional pressure on small business owners and entrepreneurs at a time where they are not able to supply their products and services. This poses a huge threat on the livelihoods of SMME’s and creates severe insecurities on how these businesses will recover once the corona virus era has passed. It…

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Customers – How to get them and how to keep them

There have never been so many options that customers can choose from in all history. As a result, it has become increasingly challenging to gain customers and obtain their loyalty to secure repeat purchases. This has called an end to the era of product and service focus, customers are now drawn in by solutions. The more in tune business is to resolving its’ customer’s pain points, the more likely they…