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Marketing during the #SALockdown

Getting the attention of consumers during normal times was already a challenge, and now with the #SALockDown, there is obvious additional pressure on small business owners and entrepreneurs at a time where they are not able to supply their products and services. This poses a huge threat on the livelihoods of SMME’s and creates severe insecurities on how these businesses will recover once the corona virus era has passed.

It is very tempting to coil up and wait for the worst to pass and hope for the best. But inactivity has never been a realistic source of affirmation and a sense of progress, no matter how small.

We have all been caught between a rock and a hard place. We have been struck by a global pandemic that has forced us to stay at home while watching what we have build through blood, sweat and tears fall all around us. The bills are still there, the debit orders haven’t stopped and employees still need to be paid but the income has come to a halt- does it get any more stressful?

Now… This is not a time to stay in our dark corners and moan endlessly. That will not help us.

Let us look at some ways to keep active in our business even though the doors are closed and no services can be supplied and products can’t move.

Fix your house

It has been proven that it is businesses that use disasters as opportunities that have a greater chance of survival. This is the right time to cement your brand strategy including all the elements needed to be a shoulder above the rest. You can do this by updating the content on your website and revamping your look and feel on digital platforms. Looking at your different business strategies will also assist you in seeing opportunities that you may have missed because you may not have made time of these before. Now you have the time to immerse yourself in your business. Use that time wisely.

Leverage digital

Consumers are spending a lot of their time on digital platforms because they are at home. Engaging them on Social Media is a great way to forge a relationship with them by having content that is relevant and helpful to them during this time.Sharing content that is specific to your product and service may not be useful especially because you cannot drive a call to action leading to a sale, but sharing information that is industry specific or product generic may create enough engagement to still develop your brand even through this period of “inactivity”.
Just to give you an idea of what this means… If you are selling make-up, hair care products or any other beauty service, you can share information on how people can take care of their skin, hair, etc. while at home with diminishing product supply and no services available. This can be in the form of blogs or video tutorials. This has the potential to establish your business as an opinion leader and build your brand to a place to trust and integrity.

Check up on your client base

This is a time where people need to know that you care. Checking up on your client base will humanize your business and allow your clients to share their needs and feedback from their homes. This can be an affordable means of market research that allows you to spend some of your #SALockdown time improving on your product or service to better serve your consumers. Adding a human touch to your offering has never been more important and the most “Human” brands will recover quicker after this period.


We have been chanting “Collaboration” for the longest time. We are fully aware that we can achieve more together than we can apart. This is the best time to profile and search for other businesses to partner with in order to give better value to your mutual customers. This can be done by forming strategies to implement during the Corona recovery period, or to share content and platforms during the #SALockdown.

All in all, we are all in survival mode and it is “Survival of the fittest”. Although this task is intimidating, be reminded that many were also unprepared to face this and we are all just trying to figure it out.

Happy Marketing.


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